IT Hardware and Software 

Arche-type is a reseller of a variety of hardware and software from top quality vendors including Dell, Cisco, Intel, Microsoft, Sophos and many more.


IT Support for Small Businesses

Managed services - ideal for small offices who don't have their own IT department.


Full IT office builds with networking, servers and printers

We can build your office servers and network setups from scratch with advanced VPN access, file shares, intranet and any other requirements you may have.


Automated Backups

Arche-type can setup complete backup onsite and offsite solutions for data redundancy and business continuity. Read More.


Cloud migrations, Email to Office 365 and G-Suite migrations

Arche-type has advanced cloud migration and integration capability using AWS, Microsoft Azure and Softlayer and can provide email migration from on premises mail services to Office 365 and G-Suite. Read More.


HPC Clusters with massive shared storage 

For use with big data processing software such as SAS, Matlab, R, and Python.


PBX VOIP hosted phone Service

Full provision of PBX VOIP phones hosted in the cloud from as little as one phone. Read More.


Accounting Services

Arche-type has partnered with Accounting Services Consulting company Sustained Vision. Read More.



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